“weltumspannend arbeiten” //

“working globally” is a development policy project of the Austrian Trade Union Federation.

“working globally” is a NGO founded in 1996. It is working to establish an understanding for social justice by focusing global relations. “working globally” works on informational and educational activities, co-operations, exchange projects and international networking and supports encounters between workers and activists all over the world.

“working globally” is an expert organisation on international labour issues and workers´ rights and provides the agenda to inform the Austrian trade unionist what is going on in other parts of the world, especially in developing countries. How the living and working conditions are, how workers are exploited, who is responsible for this and how it is possible to improve the situation.

One of the main working issues is the analysis of the globalised labour market in times of neoliberal economic systems. In the last decade the focus is especially on developments in China, some African countries and also countries in Europe.

In this context the main thrust is the development education to raise public awareness in Austria. People need to be informed about the exploitation of labour, bad working standards, child labour, missing labour laws and the rejection of trade unionists, NGOs and activists. Therefore the plan is to organise seminars, workshops and training sessions on the issues of globalisation, international labour rights and social security.

“working globally” also does lobbying for international labour standards, tries to build up a network of activists, joins campaigns for fair labour conditions and fair trade and wants to spread this ideology. The goal is to improve labour standards and social security in developing countries together with other NGOs, activists and trade unionists.

“working globally” works on international networking and supports encounters between workers all over the world to give trade union work a more international perspective. To facilitate this study visits have been organised: to Almería in the South of Spain to explore labour conditions in the industrial farming, furthermore two solidarity visits to Greek to see and understand the effects of the EU’s austerity policy. Two encounters between Austrian trade unionists and members of workers councils together with Chinese labour right organisations and activists have been organised in China in March 2010 and March 2012.

Furthermore the one-year-training course “Decent work for decent life” – “Think globally- act globally” took place three times. More than 50 participants have been educated as multipliers.

“working globally” is financed by various project funding (mainly EU funding and ADA-Austrian Development Agency) and by the support of Austrian trade unions and Works Councils.